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Re-opening announcement from Delta Center Stage 03/25/2021

It has been a full year and two weeks since the last DCS staged event at Jake & Freda Stein Hall.  “Given the very positive trends, especially in our area, on diminishing Covid 19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, it is our hope and desire to carefully and safely ease the doors open and begin once again to resume our activities”  Says Executive Director Tim Bixler.

THESE BENEFIT PERFORMANCES WILL OPEN THE DOORS ON APRIL 9-11. Friday and Saturday performances- 7:00 pm curtain, Sunday performance-2:30 pm curtain.

      A Theatre Piece in 5 Movements
          Rich Orloff
". . .Orloff's rich, heartfelt, and sometimes humorous reflections give
voice to the full range of emotions and thoughts we are all experiencing...
and like all good theatre, it touches our minds, hearts, and souls."

                                        Audrey Heller
                                        Artistic Director
                                        Jewish Theatre of Bloomington

      To Attend in Person
Please join the Delta Theatre family as we re-acquaint ourselves through this significant step toward a return to normalcy. There will be no set admission charge. You are asked to "donate what you can" to Delta Center Stage's (depleted) operating fund. If you wish, you may donate below in any amount you find appropriate. We will have a record of your donation when/if you attend. Please read and adhere to the statement on safety below.

           A Statement on Safety
A limited and safely distanced seating arrangement has been designed to allow groups of two or four to be seated and safely enjoy this performance live and on stage. Those who wish to attend in person, please call ahead to let us know the number in your party and the date you wish to attend. Please arrive in masks and remain masked up while moving about the room until you are seated and safely distanced from others not in your party. We kindly ask your courtesy and cooperation by remaining masked at any time you are moving about or might come into proximity of others not in your group. Delta Center Stage has invested multiple thousands of dollars in air sanitizing technology designed to actively and continuously remove contaminants from the air and from contact surfaces in the room and restroom areas. However, there is no safe substitute for distance, care, and personal courtesy. DCS cannot be responsible for the personal behaviour of those present.

           To Attend Virtually on Facebook Live!
You are also invited to enjoy the performance of your choice from the comfort and safety of your own home if you wish. For the first time in our history, DCS will make each performance available live on Facebook! This offering of a virtual experience is more than an afterthought. This virtual feature is a licensed performance subject to restriction, and a significant fee was paid for this outreach. We still ask that you support our efforts to re-open our doors with as generous a donation as you may. It will only be available as a simulcast at the same time as the live performances.
Use this donate button to send your remittance via credit card or to use your paypal account! Thank You! 

A new, full, and complete season of shows has been set.  Performance dates are on the Bass Cultural Arts Center Calendar for a season of live performance dramas, musicals, and comedies.  “With only a few minor adjustments, we plan to resume full operations with this subscription drive.  It can’t come a moment too soon, either” says Bixler. “No matter how many special aid, PPP, CARES, and other emergency programs are out there,  they do not and cannot and should not replace or supplant our traditional and very successful business model, which has always depended on locally based subscription and box office support.” Bixler continues “Emergency programs have done their intended job, which was to keep non-profits and other community based organizations’ personnel and infrastructure in place.  Because of that national support, we have not had a need to ask for our equally financially distressed individuals and businesses on a local level to send us any survival contributions.  We all have been very fortunate in that regard, but now it is time to pick up the baton and resume operations in as normal a fashion as we can.  And I firmly believe we can do just that.  Our success and survival is now, properly, back in the hands in which we would rather be, and that is our local friends, family, and the unique community that is our Mississippi Delta.  Please make your upcoming support the most generous that you may.”   

The first two ’21-’22 season offerings will be the shows DCS had announced and scheduled in 2020  that were cancelled in 2020.  June 24-27 will feature the full staging of John Grisham’s “A Time To Kill”  June 24-27.  July 29-August 1 will feature DCS’s annual summer youth musical, “Disney’s Frozen Jr.”  Interested participants are asked to check the DCS Website and FaceBook pages for details on auditions, performance times, and other details as these two productions get under way in the next few months.  “Many details remain to be worked out, but we wanted all of our supporters and participants to mark their calendars now for these two upcoming events.”  Other dates, titles, and details will follow soon in conjunction with DCS’s annual season brochure mailing.

Please enjoy a short video highlighting Delta Center Stage's activities by clicking here.



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