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Jan 6, 2023

Audition Announcement for "9 to 5-the Musical"

Greetings to all who auditioned! Below is our cast list, alpha by reader's last name.

Here are the casting decisions

First Last Role
Betsy Bostic Violet Newstead
Valerie Bryant Maria Delgado
Wade Chambers Franklin Hart
Jessica Clanton Ensemble w/solo
Brandt Dick Tinsworthy
Maggie Ditto Judy Bernley
Donna Goss Ensemble
K'la Jenkins Candy Striper, Ensemble
Oliver Johnson Music Director
Robin Kelly Margaret
Vicki Kite Roz Keith, Ensemble (1st song)
Adyson McDaniel Candy Striper, Ensemble
Jessica Milam Doralee Rhodes
Dawn Misskelley Ensemble
Jamie Patton New Employee, Ensemble
Elijah Peppers Bob Enright, Ensemble
Shamariah Peppers Kathy, Ensemble
Alfred Redmond Dick, Ensemble
Quentin Schaeffer Josh, Ensemble
Lynette Stafford Doctor, Ensemble
Floyd Sterling Dwayne, Detective, Ensemble
Sarah Sterling Missy Hart, Ensemble
Zack Woodard Joe, Ensemble


July 2, 2020

Virucidal Air Treatment system is installed and running at Jake and Freda Stein Hall

For the safety of our patrons and attendees, DCS has installed special sanitizing equipment known as " Active Photocatalyic Oxidation" in Jake & Freda Stein auditorium's HVAC systema and our rehearsal spaces. This hybrid technology mounted in the ductwork utilizes intense UVC Light in combination with a catalytic reaction utilizing water vapor and a titanium dioxide honeycomb substrate to provide a dramatic reduction in airborne and surface borne contaminants and pathogens in an enclosed space. Below are links to a series fo articles and fact sheets more completely explaining how this technology works for you.

This technology is an effecitve added layer of protection assuring that the room itself or something left behind by others won't make you sick. Please read up on the science behind this proven technology on the links provided below.

The UVAIRx Difference

UX 520 Data Sheet

Active Photocatalytic Oxidation; How it works

Addressing CoronaViris Concerns




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