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June 7, 2022

NEW July Rehearsal Schedule for Descendants: Click Here

May 27, 2022

Casting Announcement for Disney's Descendants.

Below are the role assignments for the Summer Musical. First meeting for those with speaking roles is called for Tuesday, May 31st at 6:30. If you are in one of the ensembles, "all dance," or a cheerleader, you DO NOT need to attend on Tuesday Evening.

Please check your text messages on a regular basis, and remember to WHITELIST in your email program. You may expect recieve a text beginning with "This is DCS" in the message body. Please, if using 'reply' to this message, begin your reply with your name.

Please text Lucille Brown if you have any questions, at 662 820 5447. Remember to identify yourself.

Last First Role
Alexander Ashleigh Auradon Ensemble
Barney Alyssa Isle Ensemble, Girl w/candy
Battershell Bailey Auradon Ens.
Brown Halle All Dance
Brown Lucille Director
Brown Margaret Mal
Brown Noah Chad
Brown Tzhya All Dance
Byars Kehlani Grace Isle Ensemble
Carroll Elizafaye Isle ensemble
Dixon Ty'gariana Isle ensemble, Auradon ensemble
Flanagan Ali Anne Isle ensemble
Floyd Alexis Auradon Ens. Cheerleader
Floyd Katie Royal Page, Guard
Forman Meredith Teacher, All Dance
Grant Jasmine Choreographer
Grossley Jameiya Belle
Hudson Abee Isle ensemble, Girl w/candy
Jenkins K'la Jane
Johnson Oliver Music Director
Jones Azaria Auradon ensemble
Kelly Robin Stage Mgr
McDaniel Adyson Auradon Ensemble
McPherson Aaliyah All Dance
Miller Brylon All Dance, Tournament Game
Mitchell Kennedi Grimhilde
Montgomery Abigail Isle Ensemble
Montgomery Jeremiah Boy w/Candy. Auradon Ens.
Moore Jacquelyn Isle ensemble
Moss Allyson Evie
Murray Kenneyah Carlos
New Catelynn Cheerleader, Auradon Ens.
Nichols Sophia Isle Ensemble
Parks Adrianna Isle ensemble, Auradon ensemble
Patterson Kimberly Snow White, All Dances
Pearson Lillie Ann Audrey
Peppers Elijah Music Director
Pierce Elizabeth Grace Auradon Ens., Cheerleader
Redd-Williams Elijah Doug
Reece Mitchell Ben
Reynolds Kyler TBA
Reynolds Kylie Isle Ensemble
Riley Ian Auradon ensemble, Tournament Game
Riley Madalyn Auradon ensemble
Schaeffer Quentin Jay
Scott Ann Garner Fairy Godmother
Shead Kennedi Cruella
Simmons Eriel Girl w/candy, Isle Ens.
Sims Morgan Terveria Isle Ensemble
Smith Bellani Auradon Ens. Cheerleader
Smith Liam Isle Ensemble
Smith Lollie Coach, All Dance
Springfield Makira Auradon Ens., Cheerleader
Stringer Mary Maleficent
Summerville Xion Michelle Isle Ensemble
Veal Jeremiah Jafar
Williams Shalesa Choreographer
Wise Lashay Auradon ensemble



July 2, 2020

Virucidal Air Treatment system is installed and running at Jake and Freda Stein Hall

For the safety of our patrons and attendees, DCS has installed special sanitizing equipment known as " Active Photocatalyic Oxidation" in Jake & Freda Stein auditorium's HVAC systema and our rehearsal spaces. This hybrid technology mounted in the ductwork utilizes intense UVC Light in combination with a catalytic reaction utilizing water vapor and a titanium dioxide honeycomb substrate to provide a dramatic reduction in airborne and surface borne contaminants and pathogens in an enclosed space. Below are links to a series fo articles and fact sheets more completely explaining how this technology works for you.

This technology is an effecitve added layer of protection assuring that the room itself or something left behind by others won't make you sick. Please read up on the science behind this proven technology on the links provided below.

The UVAIRx Difference

UX 520 Data Sheet

Active Photocatalytic Oxidation; How it works

Addressing CoronaViris Concerns




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