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Thank you so much for visiting our new website! This new site and look is just a microcosm of what our new building has in store! We hope you enjoy this new site and use it as a consistent way of keeping up with what is happening with our great theatre!

As we watch our new physical home rapidly come to life, there is a palpable excitement in the air! Sooner than you might think, Greenville's arts center will take the next huge leap into the future as the original Greenville High School building becomes Delta Center Stage's dedicated performance space. If you have attended any of our shows in the past two years, you've heard me from the stage during opening remarks speak passionately about the need for DCS to find a permanent, dedicated home.

The undeniable evidence that this WILL happen is now out there for everyone to see! Do yourself a favor... take the drive down Main Street toward downtown and see if the restoration of our new home doesn't give you a fresh sense of hope for Greenville's future!

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