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May 6, 2017, Final licensing approval has at last been granted for Delta Center Stage's Annual Summer Youth Musical, which will be the second production in our history of "The Wiz."

Auditions will be held Tues May 30 and Thursday June 1 at 6:30 pm atthe Delta Center Stage Rehearsal Hall in the E. E. Bass Cultural Arts Center. Production is planned for July 27-30.

Although this adaptation of the OZ story originally featured an all Aftican-American Cast on Broadway, This local production will be OPEN TO ALL CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE OF SCHOOL AGE!

Numerous groupings and ensembles assure that EVERYONE WHO WISHES TO PARTICIPATE WILL BE ASSIGNED A PART!
*No experience necessary!
*Numerous singing and non-singing roles are available
*Due to licensing and copyrigbht restrictions, the script and music cannot be made available for download on this site.
*Contact Exec. Director Tim Bixler via email HERE to make arrangments for a reading copy.
*Production will be led by Award-Winning local director Judge Margaret Carey McCray, with Musical Direction by Oliver Johnson.
*Intrerested young people and parents are encouraged to visit YOUTUBE for numerous examples of this play in community theatres and professional venues throughout the world Click HERE for a link to video examples of this script,
Questions and further information? Call 662 820 5489.


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